Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute

Sample Surveys and Bayesian Statistics 2008 25th-29th August 2008, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Bayesian methods have become increasingly popular across a broad range of statistical applications, stimulated by the development of efficient computational methods such as MCMC. Sample survey inference, however, is still largely based on the randomization distribution over repeated sampling, with models being used only as a last resort, such as in small area estimation or when compensating for measurement errors or nonresponse.

The aim of this meeting is to highlight the potential advantages of Bayesian methodology and discuss and illustrate its possible applications in diverse areas of sample survey design and inference. The meeting will begin with a 1.5 days short course, followed by a 2.5 days conference, consisting of invited and contributed research and applied papers and a special panel discussion.

Online registration is now closed, but information about registration on the day is available here. Contributed papers accepted for presentation are now listed here.

The conference programme is now available.

Further instructions about the conference and registration for the short course (PDF) is also available.

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