Innovative Methodologies for Censuses in the New Millennium

A Satellite Meeting of the 56th Session of the ISI Conference, Lisboa, 2007 Sponsored by the ISI, IASS, IAOS, ASA, Lockheed Martin and SPSS

August 31st - September 2nd 2007

Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK


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Population censuses are a key source of detailed demographic and socio-economic information, despite increasing difficulties in conducting them. In addition, they are often the main source for the updating of sampling frames that form the basis for carrying out regular household sample surveys, required to provide ongoing information for monitoring economic and social development.

In the past, conferences on the topic of censuses have tended to focus on the management of the census process, rather than on the underlying methodology, with methodological issues usually confined to occasional sessions at general statistical conferences. In recent years, National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) have been directing more resources for developing innovative statistical methodological techniques, in order to increase the efficiency of the census process, such as in non-response and coverage adjustments, estimation, editing and imputation techniques, etc. The aim of this meeting is to highlight and focus on the methodological advances that are taking place around the world, and raise awareness regarding best practices in census methodology.


The next major round of censuses will be in 2010/2011. This suggests that many NSI.s are currently studying and testing the methodology for their next census. Holding such a meeting in the second half of 2007 is therefore an ideal timing for discussing methodological developments that are already taking place, and the challenges facing the methodology of future censuses.

For further information, please contact the conference organisers, James Brown or Pedro Luis do Nascimento Silva.